Elected: 2012
Discipline: Organismal and Environmental Biology
Professor Loeske Elizabeth Beatrice Kruuk FRSE

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology, Australian National University.

Professor Loeske Kruuk is an evolutionary biologist interested in ecological and evolutionary processes in natural populations. Her research focuses on the genetic and environmental sources of diversity in life-history traits. She has worked on several long-term studies of wild vertebrate species, in particular ungulates in Scotland, using them in investigate effects of climate change, phenotypic plasticity, senescence, sexually-antagonistic effects, natural and sexual selection, inbreeding depression and maternal effects. After completing a PhD in population genetics at the University of Edinburgh in 1997, she joined the university in 2000 on a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and became Professor of Evolutionary Ecology in 2009. In 2012, Loeske joined the Australian National University.