Elected: 1978
Discipline: Economics and Social Sciences
Sir Lewis Robertson CBE FRSE
Lewis Robertson was born in Dundee in 1922, second son of J F Robertson, merchant and manufacturer. He completed his schooling at Trinity College, Glenalmond and was an apprentice Chartered Accountant with a firm founded by his grandfather. He joined the RAF in 1942 without completing his training, and on the basis of his language skill was selected for work at Bletchley on enemy codes and ciphers. After the War he entered the family jute firm and became Managing Director at the age of 32. By a process of takeovers and acquisition the firm (and his responsibilities) expanded greatly until he parted from it in 1970. By that time he had already begun a separate “career” in public service. This lasted well past the year 1981 which marked the beginning of a new phase of his life as what he called a corporate recovery specialist. He died in Edinburgh in November 2008.

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