Elected: 1961
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Professor Kenneth Boyd Fraser MC FRSE
Kenny Fraser was a noted virologist who had a distinguished military record during the Second World War. He graduated in medicine from Aberdeen University in 1940 and joined the RAMC in 1941. He was posted to the Chin Hills in Burma where British and Indian troops together with forces from the local Highlanders, were holding outposts near Japanese emplacements. In 1943, he was awarded the MC for gallantry in the rescue under heavy fire of an injured sepoy whom he carried to safety – and to recovery – over exceedingly difficult terrain for a mile and a half. In retirement, he published privately, a memoir of his time there entitled, rather intriguingly, “Don’t believe a Word of it!”. Despite the apparent frivolity of the title, this is a factual and fascinating account of an area of the world and its village peoples which few can now have the opportunity to see. The book is dedicated to the Chin Highlanders with whom he served.

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