Elected: 1973
Discipline: Organismal and Environmental Biology
Professor John McCandish Murdoch Cunningham CBE FRSE

Former Principal, West of Scotland Agricultural College.

With the passing of John McCandish Murdoch Cunningham (Ian) on the 21st of January 2018, Scotland has lost one of our preeminent agricultural and biological scientists. He rose from humble beginnings, born the son of a shepherd on a hill farm at Colzium, just south-west of Edinburgh, in September 1925, to play a key part in developing a research portfolio of international renown which underpinned the revolution in post war agriculture. He was not only a gifted scientist, but was also a natural leader, and went on to direct and chair some of Scotland’s key research and educational organisations.

He was a man of great intellect, outstanding vision, and possessed of a great capacity to cogently argue his case. But he was also a man of great humanity who had the ability to put all who met him at their ease, irrespective of status. He was universally respected by the students he taught, by the colleagues he worked with, and by the farmers and politicians with whom he interacted.

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