Scotland’s governmental and societal priorities cannot be considered apart from developments at a global level. The RSE’s work in these fields will include comparative experience and learning, and the impact of global forces on economic, social, cultural, and environmental matters.

The RSE has a strong international reach and presence, playing a vital role in facilitating and supporting international collaborations between Scotland and other countries. Through the RSE strategic partnerships with prominent academies around the world and working with our Fellows (including our Corresponding Fellows), we can raise awareness overseas of the world-class research and innovation being undertaken in Scotland.

I am sadly all too familiar with the human rights violations that come close to home. Academics, alongside journalists, are often the first to be targeted. There is much to concern us, but also much that an academy can do. Making sure we are intelligent, thoughtful, and not overly hasty in our responses is a critical and distinctive role for our work.

Professor Alison Phipps FRSE, RSE International Committee

We have been working hard to redevelop some of our core activities at the RSE and globally with partners. Development work continues with our Africa Working Group as the RSE partners with the African Academy of Sciences, supporting activity with Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Taiwan, and various international networks. The RSE, at any one time, has a global footprint across 28 countries through its various activities or funding, and we deliver on our aims through:

Building links and strategic partnerships with academies and learned societies across the world;

Facilitating and participating in joint workshops and projects with partners overseas;

Funding an international exchange programme and enabling international collaborations;

Harnessing the knowledge and international networks of our Fellows both in Scotland and overseas.

Opportunities for Fellows

Short-term opportunities:

  • International workshop lead or speaker
  • International focused roundtable participation

Longer-term opportunities:

  • Apply for RSE funding to support international collaboration through workshops, networks and joint projects
  • Host incoming delegation visits RSE advisor on the UK Academies Human Rights Committee
  • Join active working groups on a range of topics including Scotland Europe Steering Group and Africa Working Group.
  • Membership of the International Committee

To get involved, contact our team at [email protected].

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