Education is a core policy area for the RSE and is largely driven by its standing Education Committee, convened by Dr Janet Brown FRSE. The committee takes a forward-looking perspective on the future of Scotland’s education system. It promotes the value of multiple learning pathways to build a robust net-zero economy and improve life chances for all of Scotland’s young people. From artificial intelligence to growing interdisciplinarity, the model of education as we know it is rapidly changing – an idea that has been further investigated by RSE’s ‘blue skies’ Tertiary Education Futures project.

In the rapidly evolving education policy field, the Committee is a regular contributor to major policy developments, offering expert advice through advice papers and briefings (to inquiries such as the Hayward review, or the national discussion on education). Regularly engaging with a range of stakeholders across the field, it also facilitates discussion of topical education themes through different events, including roundtables, workshops or conferences.

The Education Committee holds fringe events at major Scottish political party conferences to stimulate debate and discussion on the national reform agenda. Over the coming year and beyond, the committee will integrate this lobbying activity with conversations with the teaching community, learners, parents, and the wider public to develop a holistic and inclusive vision for Scotland’s education system.

Opportunities for Fellows

  • Contribute to advice papers or other working groups which centre on education
  • Join the Education Committee (refreshes yearly, a call for expressions of interest is issued to all fellows in due course)
  • Contribute as chair/speaker/attendee to education-focused events and activities

To get involved, contact our team at [email protected].

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