The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s communications are crucial in supporting the organisation’s mission and engaging with people across Scotland. The communications team supports the Fellowship, committees, working groups, programme areas and the resulting output from each. Output include press, publications, blog posts, photography, case studies, and social media. By collaborating with cross-departmental teams and employing diverse channels and tactics, we strive to make the work of the RSE visible and appeal to a broader audience. 

The RSE’s communications objectives are:  

  • Secure greater visibility of the RSE in the public eye and generate a broader understanding of its work and value for the whole of Scotland and across the world. 
  • Showcase the wide range of RSE activities and outputs through digital, social, and traditional media. 
  • Grow the RSE’s audience across all channels and create a greater diversity of those who have an opportunity to see the work of the RSE and understand its relevance to them. 
  • Mobilise a greater proportion of the Fellowship for communications purposes by identifying opportunities across all channels to showcase the RSE’s multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise. 
  • Deliver effective Fellows communications to ensure informative and engaging content that drives interaction and delivers on calls to action. 

Opportunities for Fellows

  • Get in touch about how you can help above objectives. 
  • Write for the RSE’s blog, which publishes opinion pieces and analysis on various topics from some of Scotland’s leading thinkers. 
  • Contribute to securing national, regional, and local online, print, and broadcast coverage for the RSE by working with our communications officers on stories that the RSE can provide expert commentary on. 
  • Share your knowledge in short videos. Answer a series of questions on your area of expertise, which will be turned into engaging short-form content for social media. 
  • Follow the RSE on social media and help amplify our activity, mission, and content across your network. 
  • Subscribe to the RSE’s mailing lists to receive updates on areas of interest.

Contact the communications team at [email protected] to get involved. 

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