Elected: 1956
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Professor Hamish Nisbet Munro FRSE
Hamish Munro, perhaps the last of a sequence of eminent nutritionists (including Cathcart and Cuthbertson) from the University of Glasgow, was born in Edinburgh on 3 July 1915 and died, having spent the second half of his professional life in Boston Mass., in Glasgow on 28 October 1994.

His education began propitiously – at George Watson’s Boys College in Edinburgh. However when Hamish was 8 years old his father transferred his bank post to Bonar Bridge, population then 300. Perhaps his parents, both of whom were from the Highlands, felt they were returning nearer to home because if Bonar Bridge is not in ancient Clan Munro territory it is certainly adjacent. Educational circumstances were now rather different. His schoolmates included gypsies, foster children, and others who were very poor. Initially there were 25 in his class but when the majority reached the then permissible leaving age of 14 they left to work, leaving only 6. He did not find the intellectual atmosphere in school stimulating although the teaching of Latin and French engendered an interest in languages which he retained throughout his life to the extent of being able to give seminars in French, German or Italian and to abstract Spanish scientific literature. This interest in languages was possibly a sign of his considerable intellectual curiosity because it began with exploration (his own word) of Anglo-Saxon and medieval English, then German. A contributory factor in his development and character was probably his having to find his own out-of-school diversions because other children were required to help their parents with farm, croft, or other work after school. His only sport was golf. His father was a first class golfer and winner of several tournaments and Hamish must have had a good grounding in it, although he seemed to have abandoned it on going to University.

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