Elected: 1977
Discipline: Private Sector Leadership
Sir Gerald Henry Elliot FRSE

Former Chairman, Christian Salvesen plc.

In the course of a long and creative life, Gerald Elliot had two separate careers — as businessman, and as devoted supporter of the arts in Scotland. Both were linked, since the success of the Salvesen shipping company, which he led, allowed him to set up a charitable fund — the Binks Trust — which became the source of invaluable cultural funding, while the energy and enterprise he showed in his business career was later transferred to the many organisations with which he became involved – including the Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Opera, and the Edinburgh International Festival. Music was his first love, but he also took a keen interest in Scottish politics and public life; as an active fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, he became its vice president, encouraging the involvement of young people in the sciences; he helped transform the fortunes of Edinburgh University by restructuring its financial management; with Professor Sir Alan Peacock, he founded the David Hume Institute, a think tank which continues to challenge received thinking on a wide range of Scottish issues. It was his firm belief that Scotland could, and should, be a better nation. Read full obituary