Dr Mhoira Leng CorrFRSE

Global Health and Palliative Care Specialist Physician, Makerere University

Graduating from Aberdeen University Dr Mhoira Leng was one of the first Scottish specialists trained in palliative care then consultant in Grampian NHS Trust for 10 years. Pursing her interest in global health she founded Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust and has now worked across 4 continents and more than 20 countries to advocate and build capacity for palliative care. Invited to establish the first centre of excellence for palliative care within Makerere University, since 2008 she is also Senior Fellow with the Global Health Academy, University of Edinburgh co-founding ‘Palliative care in a changing climate’ and PallCHASE which integrating humanitarian settings and palliative care. Dr Leng is passionate about transformative, compassionate health care with a focus on those living with serious illness and in fragile settings. She continues to explore these words, spoken by her student at Islamic University of Gaza ‘palliative care is humanity until infinity’.

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