Elected: 1957
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Dr Edward Mervyn Patterson FRSE
Edward Mervyn Patterson, always known as ‘Ted’ to his friends and colleagues, was born on 14 th March 1920 in Northern Ireland, the son of John Wilson Patterson and Dorothy Mary Ekin. His father, a surveyor with the Northern Irish Civil Service, was a keen geologist and this no doubt explains Dr Patterson’s subsequent enthusiasm for this field. Nevertheless it was in chemistry that he graduated BSc with Honours from Queen’s University, Belfast, in 1941, having proceeded there from Bangor Grammar School in 1938.

On graduation he was appointed research chemist in the Research Department of Nobel’s Explosives Division of ICI at Ardeer, Ayrshire and it was here that I first met him. Our ways parted at the end of the War but our friendship was renewed some twenty-five or more years ago. I admired him then and later as a man of many parts with a great enthusiasm for whichever field currently interested him. This continued to the end of his life.

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