Elected: 2020
Discipline: Language, Literature and History
Dr Alison Sheridan
Research Associate, National Museums Scotland
Dr Alison Sheridan is an archaeologist, specialising in the Neolithic (New Stone Age), Chalcolithic (Copper Age) and Bronze Age of Scotland and the rest of Britain and Ireland, setting the evidence within its broader European context. Her interest is in identifying ‘big story’ and more detailed narratives, covering issues such as the arrival of farming as a way of life and the subsequent arrival of the so-called ‘Beaker People’ around 2500 BC. Dr Sheridan focuses on material culture, including Alpine jadeitite axeheads, pottery, and ornaments of jet, gold, faience and amber. Recently retired as a Principal Curator, Department of Scottish History & Archaeology, National Museums Scotland, she was part of the team that created the Early People displays.