Elected: 1960
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Dr Douglas MacLean Clark MacEwan FRSE
Douglas M. C. MacEwan was born in Edinburgh on 20 June 1917, and died on 12 March 2000 in Hythe, Kent. He entered Edinburgh University at the age of 16, and in 1941 obtained his PhD in crystallography under the direction of Dr Arnold Beevers for his thesis on “A machine for the rapid summation of Fourier series” (1939-1941). This was a completely new research area at that time, as Dr Beevers, who worked with W.L. Bragg, still points out today, at the age of 92.

After obtaining his doctorate Douglas joined the Macaulay Institute of Soil Research, Aberdeen, in 1941, to work on X-ray crystallography of clay minerals, which was to be his area of research throughout his scientific career. Both the theoretical and experimental aspects of his work had an impact internationally. At the Macaulay he worked with Robert Mackenzie, who became a brilliant instigator of research into these minerals with differential thermal analysis, and also a lifelong friend.

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