Elected: 2001
Discipline: Economics and Social Sciences
Professor David Patrick Frisby FRSE
David Frisby’s clear, intelligent, and persuasive voice will be missed across many fields of scholarly endeavour. As the only son of a coppersmith and his wife, David was born into modest circumstances in Sheffield in 1944. An outstanding grammar school career led to employment as a management trainee for the National Coal Board, which in turn led to a Coal Board-funded scholarship to study sociology at the LSE. Although destined for a starry academic career, David at no point lost his attachment to his roots, and happily recounted tales of a series of improbable summer jobs, which saw him painting coal trucks black and learning the tricks of bus conducting from old hands in the Chesterfield depot. Judging the right moment to ring the start bell just as the sprinting passenger was about to leap on board was, by all accounts, one of the finer skills.

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