Elected: 1965
Discipline: Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor David John Manners FRSE

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, Heriot-Watt University.

David Manners was born in Castleford, Yorkshire the first son of George and Gwendoline Manners. His father was a school teacher in primary education who became a headmaster and in war time was actively engaged in the Air Training Corps. David’s younger brother, Norman was an art teacher. In common with many schools, national service requirements could take teaching staff from Castleford Grammar School to the armed forces and in this environment David’s 1946 Higher School Certificate results led to a County Major Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge. He entered Fitzwilliam House, a long-established institution whose emphasis on academic ability rather than wealth, resulted in a strongly academic contingent. In David’s case this was a First Class in the Natural Sciences Tripos, Parts I and II, in 1949. Following graduation he entered upon research in carbohydrate chemistry, supervised by Dr David James Bell, an authority in the chemistry of glycogen. Read more