Criteria for election

The primary qualification for election to RSE Fellowship are three dimensions of excellence: outstanding achievement, professional standing and societal contribution

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Overall criteria

Consistent with RSE’s role as Scotland’s National Academy, the primary qualification for election to all types of RSE Fellowship is excellence demonstrated by the below criteria.

All candidates for Fellowship should be active in their area of work. Election to the RSE Fellowship is not a reward for long service and candidates will be assessed on the quality and significance of their achievements commensurate with their career opportunities rather than quantum.

RSE Council wishes to ensure that the RSE Fellowship is truly representative of excellence and reflects the breath of talent and achievement across Scottish society. This will enable the RSE to deliver its mission most effectively. Whilst maintaining the overriding requirement for excellence, RSE Council particularly welcomes nominations from groups that are currently under-represented and under-represented disciplines such as modern languages, philosophy and theology, creative arts, and public and private sector leadership.

  • Outstanding achievement in one’s field

    Evidence of eg. expanding the boundaries of knowledge; improving practice and understanding; developing Scottish cultural life; enhancing Scotland’s reputation globally

  • Professional standing and recognition

    Evidence of high level of esteem ie. merit-based appointment to external roles and activities; awards; election to prestigious bodies

  • Beyond work – contributions to the wider community and society

    Enhancing people’s lives and well-being either beyond the ordinary expectation in the field or in additional fields; contributing to a fairer and more diverse society

Fellowship – FRSE

Candidates must be resident in the UK and have a clear and continuing connection with Scotland that is related to their work. Where necessary, evidence should be provided to support this. There is no nationality requirement for Fellowship.

In assessing candidates for election, it is expected that their nomination will evidence an outstanding level in at least two of the three above key criteria.

RSE Fellows have a fundamental role to play in enabling the RSE to deliver on its mission of ‘Knowledge made Useful’ and acceptance of Fellowship implies a strong commitment to this mission and a willingness to devote time and effort to its work whether at a local, national or international level.

Fellows include:

Corresponding Fellowship – FRSE

Corresponding Fellow candidates must be resident outside the UK and may be of any nationality. They should usually have some demonstrable interest in, or connection to, Scotland, and there is an expectation of future engagement with the RSE.

Candidates should be of significant international distinction within their own subject or profession and are expected to be of a higher level of excellence than Ordinary Fellows.

Candidates should be exceptional people who, through their election, can benefit Scotland and the RSE; bring international credit as well as visibility to the RSE; and possibly foster new academic and professional links.

Corresponding Fellows include:

Honorary Fellowship – HonFRSE

Honorary Fellows should be:

  • Members of the Royal House or
  • Individuals of truly exceptional distinction who have
    • made pre-eminent contributions in public service or in any subject within the disciplinary domains of the RSE
    • who have a highly distinguished record in the promotion or advancement of the causes for which the RSE was founded
    • have rendered outstanding service which is recognised by peer groups as original and inspirational and which demonstrates a sustained commitment

They should be internationally renowned and are likely to be widely known outside their specialism. They may be of any nationality or country of residence but should usually have some demonstrable interest in, or connection to, Scotland.

The distinction of candidates for Honorary Fellowship should be such that their acceptance of Fellowship will enhance the prestige of the RSE.

Honorary Fellows include:

Election to Fellowship