Elected: 1995
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Dr Alberto Morrocco OBE Hon FRSE
Alberto Morrocco, painter, was born 14 December 1917 in Aberdeen, the son of immigrant Italians. Precocious talent as a draughtsman secured him entrance to Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen at the age of 14 from where, following graduation, he briefly toured pre-war France and Italy. The avant-garde of the twenties and thirties, in particular Braque and Picasso, had an immense (though not always happy) influence on him for the rest of his life. The outbreak of war saw him committed to Edinburgh Castle, as penalty for an Italian background. It was no doubt uncomfortable, and to a degree humiliating, but he wrung many a good joke out of his incarceration (his account of periods spent manufacturing mock field wounds were worthy of Evelyn Waugh). He also struck up an acquaintance with Tiny Rowland, destined fifty years later to be buying the work of his fellow inmate in Bond Street galleries.

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