Elected: 1992
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Professor Alan James Duncan FRSE
Professor Duncan died suddenly on July 9 1999 while on holiday with his wife in British Columbia.

Alan Duncan was born on November 4 1938, at Kingston, near North Berwick, and was educated at North Berwick Primary and Secondary Schools. There were brief interludes in South Shields and Newcastle upon Tyne which left him rather disillusioned with the English education system! He went on to study Natural Philosophy, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of St Andrews, gaining a First Class Honours degree in Natural Philosophy in 1961, when he was awarded the Class medal and the Neil Arnott prize. At St Andrews he was strongly influenced in his love of physics by J F Allen.

After graduating, Alan spent four years in industry, two as a research assistant at Tube Investments Ltd and two as a research officer at International Research and Development Co. Ltd.

From 1965 to 1970 he was a research assistant at Stanford University where he obtained his MS and PhD degrees. His studies involved investigating various aspects of plasma physics and his research supervisor was Sir Frederick Crawford.

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