UK Internal Market White Paper

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy, welcomes the opportunity to respond to the UK Government’s White Paper on the UK Internal Market.

Paper Summary

The RSE has provided independent and impartial evidence-based advice to the Scottish and UK governments and parliaments on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Areas on which the Society has focussed include the constitution, intergovernmental relations and common frameworks.

Over the past two years the RSE has published the following Advice Papers which are of particular relevance to this consultation, with many of the themes explored remaining highly relevant and deserving of reiteration in this response:

  • Scotland and the UK Internal Market (February 2020)
  • Environmental Principles and Governance Post Brexit(May 2019)
  • The Future of Scottish Agriculture Post Brexit(January 2019)
  • Intergovernmental Relations (November 2018)
  • Common UK Frameworks (August 2018)

The RSE is pleased that the White Paper welcomes the submission of comments outside of direct responses to the questions posed in the consultation. To ensure the Society can best respond to the White Paper, the RSE has taken the approach of providing key points, before presenting brief answers to the consultation questions.

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