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The Celtic Academies Alliance brings together the national academies of Ireland – the Royal Irish Academy, Scotland – the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and Wales – the Learned Society of Wales.

It aims to provide a forum for researchers, policymakers, industry, and the arts and cultural sectors on the island of Ireland and in Scotland and Wales to connect, communicate and collaborate while working to strengthen understanding at the UK level of issues facing the devolved nations.

The Celtic Academies Alliance aims to:

Provide independent expert advice on higher education and research and other shared issues;

Support the evolution of more effective intra-UK and UK–Ireland governance, especially in the post-Brexit context; and

Ensure that the UK government and its bodies take proper account of the needs and different situations of the devolved nations.

To meet these aims, the Alliance will:

  • Organise meetings and events that bring together policy makers, institutions and other stakeholders;
  • Work to strengthen links between our academies and relevant UK bodies, including government departments and research bodies;
  • Produce briefing papers and other documents that set out the Alliance’s shared positions; and
  • Share learning and information between our member academies.

Alliance Activities

The Celtic Academies Alliance facilitated a discussion on the origins of devolved taxes and the extent to which new fiscal powers have been deployed by each administration.
RSE response to the independent review of research bureaucracy, prepared by a working group of the Celtic Academies Alliance.