Budget 2021/22: Supporting the Covid-19 Recovery | Scotland’s Taxes and Fiscal Framework

The RSE has responded to a Scottish Government consultation addressing how the 2021/22 Budget can support the COVID-19 Recovery.

In addition to addressing the 6 questions posed by the consultation, the RSE response also highlighted several key themes for the Scottish Government to consider, including Scotland’s priorities at the UK level, intergovernmental relations, and the macro-economic environment.

As Scotland addresses the significant challenges posed by COVID-19 and begins the recovery towards a “new normal”, the RSE, harnessing its multidisciplinary Fellowship and using its convening power, is well placed to provide evidence-based advice and support to both the Scottish and UK governments and parliaments. The RSE Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission, which brings together leading thinkers and practitioners from across academia, business, public service and the creative arts, will be leading a significant programme of work in this area.

The aim of the Commission is to identify and address some of the immediate policy implications and challenges arising from the coronavirus outbreak, while also supporting thinking around the longer-term questions it raises.

In addition to the work being undertaken by the Commission, the RSE has also provided written submissions to the following consultations which are relevant to issues around taxation and the fiscal framework:

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