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RSE response to the independent review of research bureaucracy, prepared by a working group of the Celtic Academies Alliance.
The ongoing health crisis has had an uneven, detrimental impact across the board in the culture sector. Emergency funding provided by the Scottish Government has helped cultural organisations survive during the last two years, however, cultural organisations continue to operate with limited reserves and ongoing funding support from the Government is needed to ensure resilience in the sector.
The RSE and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) have submitted a joint response to the Scottish and Irish Governments' strategic review of Irish–Scottish relations.


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What does a resilient nation look like? How can government, industry, and society learn from the pandemic, the future risks and challenges, and what are the priority actions to build resilience?
This briefing paper highlights what the Learned Societies’ Group on Scottish STEM Education believes are the most prominent issues for STEM education in Scotland and presents associated recommendations and calls for action.
The Royal Society of Edinburgh's Education Committee responded to Scottish Qualifications Authority's (SQA) consultation on proposed models for the 2021 appeals process.

Climate, Energy and Environment

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RSE response to the Scottish Government’s consultation 'Agricultural transition in Scotland – first steps towards our national policy'.


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RSE response to the Scottish Government’s plans for establishing an independent public inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland.
The RSE has responded to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's Inquiry into UK Science, Research and Technology Capability and Influence in Global Disease Outbreaks. The RSE response considers the role of science and scientific advice in informing government decision making on addressing Covid-19.
The RSE has responded to a consultation on the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy for Scotland.

Innovation and Economy

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The RSE response to the Scottish Parliament Economy and Fair Work Committee's call for views on Scotland's Supply Chain.
RSE response to the Scottish Government's Tax Policy and the Budget consultation.
Report of the RSE roundtable with the South of Scotland Enterprise on their consultation on the Draft Regional Economic Strategy for the South of Scotland.

Law, Government and International Relations

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The RSE response to the Scottish Parliament Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee inquiry into the Scottish Government’s international work.
RSE response to the UK Government call for evidence to the International Development Strategy, laying out international development for the upcoming decade.
The response highlights that the Covid-19 pandemic will have long term impacts on the Scottish Budget as it has increased public debt to its highest peacetime level.

Science and Technology

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The RSE has responded to a consultation by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on a New UK Research Funding Agency.