Environmental Governance in Scotland post Brexit

The RSE has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance in Scotland post Brexit.

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU means that the EU Commission will no longer have oversight of environmental performance in the UK. While both the UK and Scottish Governments have stated that there should be no dilution in the implementation and enforcement of environmental regulations, there is currently no body in the UK or Scotland that could replace the independent, supranational scrutiny and assessment role of the EU Commission.

The RSE is therefore firmly of the view that an independent body needs to be established in Scotland to monitor, assess, report on environmental quality and adherence to regulations and standards, and to receive and act on complaints against Government and public authorities.

Since the environment is not constrained by territorial or political boundaries, the development and agreement of common frameworks on the environment between the UK and Scottish Governments will be crucial.

The RSE response is available here.

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