Our Enterprise Fellows covered the highlights of their entrepreneurial journey to date; giving us an exclusive insight into their experiences and achievements. Two cohorts of Enterprise Fellows will present at this event; those who are halfway through their Fellowships, and those who have just completed their Fellowship. Explore a handful of presentations below:

Raja Akram, Seclea

Funder: RSE
Institution: University of Aberdeen

Seclea is working to ensure that machine learning and deep learning algorithms within artificial intelligence are transparent, explainable, accountable, and regulatorily compliant.

Marco Gómez-Jenkins, Super Sharp Space Systems

Funder: STFC
Institution: University of Cambridge

Super-Sharp Space Systems is an Earth-imaging company developing unfolding space telescopes to capture high-resolution thermal infrared (TIR) images of earth.

Richard Gray, Lomond Nuclear Instruments

Funder: STFC
Institution: University of Glasgow

Lomond Nuclear Instruments is working on cutting edge radiation detector systems to address complex decommissioning challenges.

Stuart Hannah, Microplate Dx

Funder: IBioIC
Institution: University of Strathclyde

Microplate Dx is developing a way to tackle antimicrobial resistance and improve antibiotic stewardship.

Douglas Roberts, Erebagen

Funder: BBSRC
Institution: University of Warwick

Erebagen’s innovation can engineer soil bacteria to produce new bioactive natural products for use in medicines and crop protection compounds.

Samuel Rotenberg, INFINECT

Funder: RSE
Institution: Heriot-Watt University

INFINECT produces flat panel antenna for satellite communications on the move.

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