As a partner of the Edinburgh Science Festival (ESF), The Royal Society of Edinburgh helps the Festival deliver a programme of more than 270 events throughout April which inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the wonder of science and technology.

As part of their 2020 programme, the ESF’s creative team is interested in collaborating with RSE Fellows to highlight key contacts who might present at Festival events. There is also scope for interested Fellows to present at Festival events themselves.

The Science Festival team is particularly interested in speaking to Fellows with expertise or interest in the following topics:

Health and Healthcare
ESF are interested in exploring the research and technology at the heart of modern medicine and healthcare.

They are looking for Fellows who are:
– Dealing with public health challenges;
– Diagnosing and treating disease;
– Changing the ways in which we interact with healthcare professionals.

Environmental Challenges
ESF are looking to examine Scotland’s energy future and the energy quadrilemma.

In particular:
– Achieving net-zero Carbon and GHG emissions in Scotland and the UK;
– Extinction and conservation;
– Food security & future of agriculture;
– Environmental policy on local and global scales;
– Water security & conflicts;
– Air Pollution and working towards clean air futures.

Evolution and ethics of AI Systems and other emerging technologies.

Designing smart and playable cities of the future.

Space and Cosmology
With a focus on the Scottish space sector and research conducted in Scotland.

If you are interested in getting involved with this, please contact Conor Ellis, Festival Programme Manager, Edinburgh Science Festival.