On Tuesday 8 June, we announced the launch of the Saltire Research Awards – £3 million of new funds for Scottish and European research projects, mobility, and other collaborative activity, in collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council.

Recently we have heard concerns from the Scottish research community requesting more time to create strong and productive partnerships to develop national collaborative bids between Scottish and EU based researchers. The extension aligns with our objective to support a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable research environment.

We are pleased to announce a two-week extension to Monday 26 July, 12:00.

RSE Saltire Research Awards

Providing PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and Early Career Researchers a 3–12 month opportunity to focus on a research project of their choice in an HEI in Europe.
Designed to create and/or to consolidate collaborative Scotland – EU partnerships over a two-year period.
Encouraging Scotland–EU collaborative investigation into a research proposition at an early stage of development.
Facilitating international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers in the EU for up to two years.
Fostering and supporting the exchange of internationally renowned academics between Scottish and European universities or research institutes.