The RSE’s Curious festival of knowledge is back, from 2−15 September!

Engage with leading thinkers and ignite your curiosity through this programme of free talks, workshops, tours, and exhibitions.

In this celebration of extraordinary people discussing big ideas, challenge your perspectives, ask probing questions, and gain fresh insights. With a huge variety of topics, there’s something for everyone. So, are you Curious?

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  • Wondering womb v2

    The Wandering Womb

    Learn all about the biology behind menstruation and everything that goes alongside it inside this wandering womb!

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  • In-person

    Hormonal rebellion

    A group discussion for your rebellious hormonal stories. Hormones are curious. They connect the biological and the social; they are involuntary, but we can influence them. They are key to essential physiological processes and imbued with layers of social meaning. What we experience changes our hormones, and what our hormones do changes our experience. This…

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  • In-person

    Never too late: language learning at any age

    Is it impossible to learn a language well at any age? And how can you start? Many people believe that successfully learning another language as an adult is difficult, if not impossible. But is this really the case? Do you need a special talent to become multilingual later in life? How many languages can one…

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  • A blow up football with a globe print which has been deflated.


    Explore what the world might look like if we experience a series of catastrophes – will you survive? Join our panel of experts, creatives, and activists as we explore what the world might look like if we experience a series of catastrophes. From robots reproducing themselves to the destruction of land and habitat from floods…

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  • Forks with pieces of vegetables on them.

    From field to forks: Innovating our food future through research

    Let’s talk food – join the Scottish Alliance for Food for this workshop exploring the challenges and opportunities surrounding food systems. More than just a necessity, food represents a grand challenge for societies worldwide, impacting the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants.  In this interactive workshop, delve into the challenges and opportunities surrounding…

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  • Dr Sam Illingworth

    Bot or not

    Can you identify which poems have been created by AI and which have been created by humans? And does this differentiation really matter? Artistic endeavours—such as writing poetry—are often regarded as humanity’s unique (and even divine) gift, capable of expressing profound emotional depths. But can you distinguish between poetry penned by a human and that…

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Throughout the years the programme has included workshops, exhibitions and musical performances. We were proud to present the RSE’s Women in Science in Scotland photographic exhibition featuring 26 portraits of RSE Fellows, all of whom are working in, or have a connection to, Scotland.

  • Curious 2023

    Get under the surface with Scotland’s leading experts! The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s flagship series, Curious, is back from 04-17 September.

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  • Curious 2022

    Calling all curious minds! You are invited to Curious, the RSE’s summer events programme, running from 01-14 August.

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  • Curious 2021

    All eyes are on Scotland’s leading thinkers, from 09-27 August, in this thought-provoking series of free online talks and intimate conversations.

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