The RSE is pleased to announce the recipients of its new community-led research awards. Generously backed by the Williamson Trust, a total of £59,518 will be awarded to 12 community research projects located across Scotland.
Discovery of five-metre long aquatic reptile fossils from the Triassic period of China are uncovered in a Royal Society of Edinburgh academic journal.
Prof Peter Cameron writes that net zero transition must not upset the apple cart... too much.
Academics have been honoured for their outstanding achievements, attending an RSE Medals Ceremony at the Society this week.
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week to present medals for outstanding academic achievement.
Learn about Scotland's Viking heritage that is hiding in plain sight at RSE's Curious event this September
The RSE announces 33 exceptional research projects that have been selected at the spring 2023 Research Awards Programme call.
Throughout 2023, the University of Glasgow, along with key partners in the UK and internationally, are hosting a series of events to celebrate the tercentenary of founding RSE Fellow Adam Smith.
The five-year strategic plan sets out the framework for delivering the RSE’s purpose and focuses on key societal challenges to be addressed through the contributions of Fellows and Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) members. The RSE’s diverse expertise and membership enables us to bring multidisciplinary perspectives to the key issues of significance for Scotland, the UK, and internationally.
Scotland’s tertiary education sector must adapt to better meet the needs of learners and society at large, according to a new report.
Worldwide, one in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence, primarily by an intimate partner, according to data gathered
Join the School of Chemistry for a day of talks celebrating the life and work of alumnus Professor John Knox FRSE.