Dr Ghani was awarded the Enterprise Fellowship to develop, SolarisKit, a solar thermal collector which can convert sunlight into hot water.
Federica Chiti carried out research on the effect of electric current on magnetic field structures in the solar corona to tackle one of the most pressing questions in solar system physics.
A report has established that the RSE Enterprise Fellowship has provided a significant boost to the Scottish, UK and global economies.
A report commissioned by the RSE has established that its Enterprise Fellowship programme has provided a significant boost to the Scottish, UK and global economies.
We are excited to announce the next cohort of academic entrepreneurs who have received our prestigious commercialisation award, the RSE Enterprise Fellowship.
Twenty of Scotland’s most promising and ambitious entrepreneurs have achieved significant growth in the last 12 months following the RSE’s
"It was good to receive such a prestigious grant so soon after beginning my academic career. The research activity reinvigorated my national and international networks, professional and academic."
"I have been able to learn new skills, and this research is helping to define and establish my academic identity. It is a badge of honour that the grant was awarded by the RSE."
The RSE is pleased to welcome the next cohort of Enterprise Fellows onto the programme. Eight entrepreneurs, from eight UK
“There is no doubt that the Lessells Travel Scholarship constitutes enormous support for my career and I will continue to
“In addition to the research and technical experience gained from my time at Lehigh, the scholarship has acted as a
“The RSE Enterprise Fellowship is world class! This is the best programme any entrepreneur could be part of as you