Two separate funds are available as part of a drive to support disadvantaged academics and to facilitate collaboration in climate change research.
Mohamed Beshir research into a computational tool for developed countries to improve the resilience of informal settlements to fires.
RSE Enterprise Fellowship evaluation The economic consultancy BiGGAR Economics reported that the RSE (Royal Society of Edinburgh) Enterprise Fellowship (EF)
Developing a baseline to understand the current situation of human rights, what can be learned from other, similar sub-states, and finally, what can and should be done in the future.
Researching the coupling of dust to stellar magnetic fields and its effects on light curves of M dwarves in an attempt to explain some strange photometry observed by Kepler.
Dr Mohamed Khamis investigated how thermal imaging can be used maliciously to infer user input on keyboards and touchscreens.
Dr Stuart Dunmore investigated motivations to learn and the use of Scottish Gaelic among diaspora communities in New England.
Professor Bettina Bildhauer is trying to understand why Scotland is currently at the forefront of campaigns to end period poverty, and to track and record the fast-moving debates on this issue.
Genevieve Patenaude spearheaded the commercialisation of Earth Blox which aims to widen access to the power of planetary satellite data.
An international team of Scotland and Indian scientists on Monday confirmed the award of research funding by the RSE
Join us in welcoming the next cohort of academic entrepreneurs who have received our prestigious commercialisation award, the RSE Enterprise Fellowship.
Peter Orrell, Founder and CEO of MycoNourish which harnesses the power of beneficial fungi to enhance crop production.