Dr Şebnem Susam-Saraeva was awarded an RSE Research Workshop Grant in 2021 to take forward the project 'Translating informed consent in Scottish maternity services'.
The RSE Research Awards autumn 2022 programme opens today, providing funding opportunities for all academic disciplines and across all career stages.
Dr Joanne Ingram, RSE SAPHIRE awardee, examines the effects of different approaches to lockdown restrictions in Scotland and Japan.
Dr Catherine Berry, RSE Personal Research Fellowship awardee engineers stem cell vesicles for improved wound healing
37 exceptional researchers will be supported through the latest RSE Research Awards programme.
Neuroscientist Dr Gang Li, RSE International Joint Project awardee explores a novel method of mitigating cybersickness.
These medals recognise individuals who are exemplary at communicating, facilitating engagement, and advancing public discussion on significant matters.
Our Enterprise Fellows covered the highlights of their entrepreneurial journey to date; giving an exclusive insight into their experiences and achievements.
Four Scotland-based academics have been awarded over £97K to enable collaboration with colleagues from German Institutes to address a decarbonised future.
The RSE welcomed Research Re-Boot (Covid-19 IMPACT) Research Grant awardees for a peer networking event, to share experiences, knowledge, and good practice.
The RSE has announced the recipients of the RSE Research Awards programme, awarding over half a million pounds in research funding.
RSE Research Awards Spring 2022 Programme opens, providing funding opportunities for all academic disciplines across all career stages. The Programme aims to ensure that the RSE provides for, and responds to, the needs of Scotland’s academic communities and society. Applications may be made from today.