Awards designed to support new and existing community-led ​research projects that promote the health of individuals through fostering healthy environments and communities, and enabling access to healthy foods.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_community-led-award category_1000-4999 category_open
Focus on a research project for up to 12 months, funding covers a temporary replacement to enable the awardee to take research leave.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_research-fellowships category_20000
Designed to encourage collaborations between disciplines and/or institutions to advance exploration of an important topic.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_collaboration-grants category_5000-19999
Designed to support personally conducted high-quality research by covering eligible costs arising from a defined research project.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_small-grants-and-other-awards category_1000-4999
Facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers overseas.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_international-awards category_5000-19999
SAPHIRE is a grant with the aim of enhancing the existing international research partnerships between Scottish universities and partners in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_international-awards category_5000-19999
Strengthen co-operation between researchers and practitioners in Scotland and Ireland
category_mid category_senior category_early category_workshop-and-network-awards category_5000-19999
A new scheme to facilitate international collaboration between Scotland and Germany with the aim to develop hydrogen-related research which can inform Scottish Government policy objectives.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_international-awards category_20000 category_5000-19999
This annual award will offer an academic, from anywhere in the UK, the opportunity to go to a top university in the US for a maximum of three months to carry out lecturing and/or research.
category_senior category_early category_mid category_international-awards category_5000-19999
Recognises exceptional achievement in teamwork and collaborative endeavour.
category_mid category_senior category_early
Recognises exceptional achievement in the earth and environmental sciences by an early career researcher.
category_early category_mid
Recognises exceptional achievement in business, public service and public engagement by an early career researcher.
category_mid category_early