Academics from Université Toulouse Capitole and The Institut Catholique de Toulouse are organising a symposium which examines the life of Seignelay Colbert de Castlehill and his revolutionary years in Versailles and Paris.

Born in Inverness in 1735 and educated at the Scots College of Paris between 1747 and 1762, Colbert de Castlehill was Vicar General to Archbishop Loménie de Brienne, in the diocese of Toulouse, from 1764 to 1781, from whence he became Bishop of Rodez.

A conference will take place in Toulouse and/or Rodez in September 2020 which will attempt to place his career in the institutional framework of 18th century France and in the context of relations between France and Great Britain. His writings will also be placed in the context of religious and legal developments in the 18th century.

The organisers welcome papers from the following topics (this list of the themes is purely indicative and does not claim to be exhaustive):

  • The religious question in 18th century Scotland
  • The rallying of the high clergy to the Revolution in June
  • Colbert from the General Estates to the emigration
  • The French Bishops and the Vatican from 1789 to the Concordat
  • About Colbert ‘s two books on natural law and perpetual peace
  • Colbert and the clergy of
  • The printed production of the pre?revolutionary years in Rouergue
  • The role of bishops in the assemblies of the civil dioceses and at the head of the various commissions of the Estates of Languedoc
  • The Provincial Assembly of Haute?Guyenne
  • The catalogue of Colbert’s library
  • Colbert, Condorcet and the establishment of the cadastre in Haute?Guyenne
  • Colbert de Castlehill and Abbé Mazars

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