A man wearing glasses and looking at the camera
Stuart Hannah

University of Strathclyde
Funder: IBioIC
Company/project: Microplate Dx

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global health problem – estimated to kill 10 million people p/a by 2050. Gold standard antibiotic susceptibility testing takes around two days. These long timescales can lead to incorrect antibiotics being prescribed (driving resistance), or a delay in prescription.

Microplate Dx will tackle AMR and improve antibiotic stewardship, with a patented diagnostic test ‘Microplate’ to rapidly (< 1h) pinpoint the correct antibiotic for infection treatment. The highly versatile, agnostic to sample type will result in enhanced antibiotic stewardship by ensuring the right drug is quickly prescribed to the patient for a particular condition, ultimately reducing resistance rates and saving lives.