Focus on a research project for up to 12 months, funding covers a temporary replacement to enable the awardee to take research leave.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_research-fellowships category_20000
A new scheme to facilitate international collaboration between Scotland and Germany with the aim to develop hydrogen-related research which can inform Scottish Government policy objectives.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_international-awards category_20000 category_5000-19999
Designed to create and/or to consolidate collaborative Scotland – EU partnerships over a two-year period.
category_early category_mid category_senior category_workshop-and-network-awards category_20000
Fostering and supporting the exchange of internationally renowned academics between Scottish and European universities or research institutes.
category_senior category_research-fellowships category_20000
Providing PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and Early Career Researchers a 3–12 month opportunity to focus on a research project of their choice in an HEI in Europe.
category_early category_research-fellowships category_20000
A leading business development and training programme for the Higher Education sector.
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