Blog| 29/11/2023
Kirsty Hughes FRSE takes a look at the Scottish government's new paper on 'An Independent Scotland in the EU'. She notes that the paper tackles some tricky issues head-on, but there are gaps too.
Video| 02/11/2023
The EU faces multiple challenges, both internally and externally, so what does its future hold and is it still the right answer after the watershed?
Blog| 24/11/2023
Professor Roger Crofts argues that the environment is our shared responsibility and highlights challenges post-Brexit: declining standards, political influences, and the need for unified action. We must talk early, talk often, and collaborate globally to protect our planet.
Blog| 17/11/2023
Professor Paul James Cardwell delves into the aftermath of Brexit's impact on higher education. From the farewell to Erasmus+ to the birth of Turing, it's a complex horizon. Will the UK seek to re-join Erasmus?
The RSE publishes its Africa Working Group scoping project report.
Blog| 27/10/2023
Professor Murray Pittock FRSE, recaps on the 5th Scotland-Europe Initiative workshop on Higher Education.
New RSE award supported by the Williamson Trust is designed to support community-led research which has the goal of improving people’s health and the health of the environment.  
Blog| 06/10/2023
Professor Michael Keating discusses challenges for shared regulatory competences after Brexit.
Video| 15/09/2023
Around 1 in every 375 adults live with Parkinson’s disease in Scotland. We discuss the latest research taking place in Dundee.
There are no easy solutions to removing carbon from aviation. Explore the challenges and opportunities involved with Professor Andrew Rae.
Is the seabed a realm of mystery or a part of our world? Surface the legal, ecological and heritage issues relating to the seabed.
True crime documentaries are some of the most popular in the media today. Whether in podcast form, documentary film or documentary series, true crime and unsolved murders never fail to capture people’s attention and ignite curiosity.