RSE response to the Scottish Government’s consultation 'Agricultural transition in Scotland – first steps towards our national policy'.
Video| 11/11/2021
Professor Jim Skea, Co-Chair and contributor to the IPCC climate report explains what actions he would like to see emerge from COP26 | Face the Facts
The letter presents the LSG's suggestions for proposed modifications to National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher assessments for 2020-21, in response to a consultation by SQA.
The RSE response to the Scottish Parliament Economy and Fair Work Committee's call for views on Scotland's Supply Chain.
Video| 09/11/2021
Dr Rachel Helliwell explains how climate change will affect Scotland as a hydro nation | Face the Facts
The RSE broadly welcomes the proposals for a National Care Service, which are intended to change the way services and support are delivered in response to longstanding challenges.
Ninety per cent of Scotland’s territorial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stem from energy production and consumption; ending the unabated use
RSE response to the Scottish Government's Tax Policy and the Budget consultation.
This paper compares the key findings from the RSE’s 2011 Report section on Land Use and Climate Change with those
The challenges posed by climate change require unprecedented changes in our society and economy. This will necessarily require higher levels
Climate change poses a significant threat both to communities at risk of being flooded and to Scotland’s plants and animals.
In the 10 years since the RSE inquiry, “Facing up to Climate Change: breaking the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland”,