A team of academics who created the EAVE II public health monitoring platform have been honoured by the Royal Society
The RSE responds to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry on healthcare in Scotland’s remote and rural areas.
In this new and exciting role, you will form part of our senior leadership team, helping to innovate, evolve, and drive forward the RSE and its mission.
Blog| 17/11/2023
Professor Paul James Cardwell delves into the aftermath of Brexit's impact on higher education. From the farewell to Erasmus+ to the birth of Turing, it's a complex horizon. Will the UK seek to re-join Erasmus?
Blog| 13/11/2023
Dr Deval Desai writes about the intersection of academic freedom and human rights, and how restrictions on one can impede the other.
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week to present medals for outstanding academic achievement.
Blog| 08/11/2023
Professor Katy Hayward on 'bord-inary' challenges; Brexit's border changes that are causing friction in the UK.
Blog| 06/11/2023
Dr Dmitry Fedosov discusses John Barbour's monumental 14th-century poem, "The Bruce," which chronicles Scotland's War of Independence.
Blog| 01/11/2023
Joël Reland says the subtle regulatory shifts persist post-Brexit, impacting laws, trade, and business complexity. He believes vigilance is key as new regulatory barriers emerge.
Blog| 30/10/2023
Professor Jeffrey Sharkey FRSE argues that Brexit has had a negative impact on the performing arts, causing visa issues and reduced earnings, which is driving some artists to consider leaving the industry.
Blog| 30/10/2023
Dr John Nugent is investigating the enigma of neutrinos, abundant yet elusive fundamental particles.
Blog| 27/10/2023
Professor Sarah Prescott discusses the effects of Brexit on international study, language education, and student opportunities, including the transition from Erasmus to the Turing Scheme.