Blog| 19/04/2024
Post-Brexit compliance: the regulatory rough ride. Peter Sellar sheds light on the evolving landscape of GB-EU alignment, highlighting challenges for businesses navigating dual regulatory markets.
The RSE is pleased to announce the recipients of its new community-led research awards. Generously backed by the Williamson Trust, a total of £59,518 will be awarded to 12 community research projects located across Scotland.
The RSE has announced the 2024 cohort of new Fellows, Armando Iannucci and Sally Magnusson are among the 57 new Fellows.
Blog| 05/04/2024
David Gow on navigating the post-Brexit landscape as Scotland's pursuit of EU regulatory alignment faces hurdles. While Brussels forges ahead with new standards, can Scotland keep pace? Gow shares insights from a workshop which sheds light on the challenges and the elusive quest for harmonization.
The RSE announces eight recipients of its esteemed medals, which recognise outstanding contribution and achievement across all academic disciplines.
Blog| 02/04/2024
Dr Kirsty Hughes discusses Brexit's legacy in EU-Scotland relations, arguing that while polls suggest UK's reconsideration of EU ties, discussions remain elusive. In Scotland, EU relations are vital, so what's next for this crucial partnership?
Blog| 28/03/2024
Dr Saskia Smellie explores Scotland's unique stance on immigration; looking at the latest research and Scottish attitudes towards migrants and its distinctive narrative landscape and how it differs from the rest of the UK.
Signifying a joint aspiration to promote and strengthen scientific co-operation between Scotland and Taiwan, the RSE has signed a refreshed MoU with the NSTC.
Blog| 13/03/2024
Professor Alan Matthews discusses how the EU's revamped Common Agricultural Policy emphasizes sustainability and climate action, with eco-schemes and carbon farming initiatives paving the way for greener agriculture. He argues that as Scotland debates its Agriculture Bill, lessons from EU reforms offer valuable insights.
Blog| 08/03/2024
Professor Maggie Gill shares insights from the Scotland-Europe Initiative workshop on Food and Agriculture, which touched on Europe's implementation of the Farm to Fork Strategy, the delivery of the Just Transition in Scotland, and the definition of 'high-quality' food.
Blog| 06/03/2024
Frank Moeschler on regaining lost ground in Scottish research. As Horizon Europe and Copernicus gain momentum, he argues to leverage these platforms for collaboration, investment, and growth.
The RSE has published a report on the environmental and social impacts of public subsidies for the forestry sector in Scotland.