Blog| 24/05/2022
Professor Roy Burdon explains how the environment can leave its footprints in our DNA, whether a natural or artificial cause.
Blog| 23/05/2022
Professor Jeremy Peat, RSE VP for Business, reflects on a series of economic issues related to constitutional change and the Scottish independence debate.
These medals recognise individuals who are exemplary at communicating, facilitating engagement, and advancing public discussion on significant matters.
Four Scotland-based academics have been awarded over £97K to enable collaboration with colleagues from German Institutes to address a decarbonised future.
The RSE welcomed Research Re-Boot (Covid-19 IMPACT) Research Grant awardees for a peer networking event, to share experiences, knowledge, and good practice.
The RSE has announced its 2022 intake of 80 new Fellows from the arts, business, public service and civil society from Scotland and beyond.
The RSE is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Eve Poole as Interim Chief Executive.
Blog| 15/03/2022
Professor William Stimson FRSE on the breakthrough antiviral drugs that boost humans' 'interferon' immune response to help tackle Covid-19.
The free and open exchange of ideas is paramount in the pursuit of advances in knowledge and understanding in all academic and scientific disciplines and is of vital importance to society as a whole.
Blog| 02/03/2022
We must take our cue from children when it comes to designing the early learning and childcare ecosystem that will help shape the rest of their lives.
The Royal Society of Edinburgh condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.
The challenges that now face us are how to translate our findings into action and how to ensure that a commitment to justice, diversity and equality stands at the core of the long term strategy and work of the RSE.