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Established by the RSE in 2011, the Young Academy of Scotland brings together entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, teachers and other professionals to work collaboratively for the benefit of society.

By sharing members’ knowledge and practical expertise, YAS investigates pressing social issues, informs public debate, amplifies marginalised voices, and drives transformational change. They do this through a wide range of interdisciplinary projects, led by members.  YAS members also participate in many RSE projects, initiatives and committees, working alongside RSE Fellows in their mission of “Knowledge Made Useful.”

The greatest strength of YAS is the diversity of its membership: ranging in age from mid-twenties to early-forties, YAS members come from a wide range of backgrounds and represent communities from all over Scotland. With access to resources and expertise in many different sectors, from animation to brain surgery, YAS is uniquely positioned to research and tackle complex problems, both short- and long-term.

YAS is part of a growing global network of Young Academies and regularly engages worldwide with sister young academies to share knowledge, support one another, and work on international projects.

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This exhibition recognises talented young professionals from Scotland’s refugee and displaced migrant communities.
The last five to ten years have seen many big developments impacting Scotland’s tertiary education system. Some positive changes have