Corporate documents

These documents include our strategic plan, annual review and Trustees’ report and accounts.

Corporate Policies and information

Organisations and individuals outwith the RSE must receive permission before using our logo. Contact the Communications Team to request permission.
Our differences enrich and enable us as an organisation to benefit from different perspectives and experiences. This diversity allows us
The RSE has considered links between Fellows of the Society and the transatlantic slave trade based on commissioned work.
The free and open exchange of ideas is paramount in the pursuit of advances in knowledge and understanding in all academic and scientific disciplines and is of vital importance to society as a whole.

Web policies

The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s website uses a web accessibility tool, AccessiBe. Each month, an audit is run to evaluate
The cookie policy provides a comprehensive list of the cookies and trackers used on a website.
The RSE collects personal information relating to a variety of data subjects from Fellows of the RSE and members of