The Research Committee is responsible for:

  •  Advising Council on matters of research policy at Scottish, UK, European and International levels.
  •  Ensuring that the interests of research in Scotland are represented in consultation on UK research policy.
  •  Providing Fellows who can respond to governmental, parliamentary or agency requests for advice on the basis of agreed RSE policies.
  •  Making research awards within the budget approved by Council and administer any awards the Society may manage on behalf of others.
  • As appropriate and excluding the Research Awards Programme, be guided by the Programme Committee on resources, priorities, strategic fit and links with other work.

Operational Process

  • Meeting frequency:
  • Activities outwith meetings: Normally none
  • Committee quorum: Four members including Convener or member of Council
  • Delegated budgetary responsibility: To remain within the budget as set by Council. If projects or initiatives arise which would go beyond this, a case must be presented to Council or appropriate Office-Bearer with delegated powers for approval
  • Reports to: RSE Council. The Convener is responsible for signing off submissions and external engagement by the Committee. RSE General Secretary is responsible for signing off Research Committee responses on behalf of the Society.