The RSE Programme Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the development and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Receiving the business plans for the various committees and teams and advising on how they might complement each other and contribute to the overall aims of the strategic plan.
  • Ensuring coherence and consistency across the Society’s activities, including research policy and funding, projects, programmes and events.
  • Developing a process for reviewing and approving proposals for new activities, whether from Fellows, Office-Bearers, Council or external organisations or individuals, including resource requirements, and consistency. This would not include individual activities within existing programmes and business plans.

Operational Process

  • Meeting frequency: normally meets on a quarterly basis to discharge duties above.
  • Committee quorum: Four members, including two of the Vice-Presidents and one of either the General Secretary or Vice-Convener.
  • Budgetary responsibility: to remain within the budget as set by Council. If projects or initiatives arise which would go beyond this, a case must be presented to the Council or appropriate Office Bearer with delegated powers for approval.
  • Reports to: RSE Council.


Vice President, Research
Education Committee Convener
Vice President, Public Engagement
General Secretary (Chair)
Vice President, Economy and Enterprise
Vice President, International
Young People’s Programme Convener
Sheena Cummings


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