Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to oversee and support the recruitment of office bearers and committee members and processes for committee effectiveness. In performing this role, the Committee will have regard to best practices for charities implemented by OSCR and to current legislation and advice relating to corporate governance.

Leading on the recruitment of trustees including agreeing on an appropriate process and agreeing on a selection panel and making recommendations to Council.

Reviewing and agreeing on transparent and objective policies and processes for recruitment of Committee members taking into consideration requirements in terms of skills, knowledge, experience and diversity.

Considering succession planning and leading on recruitment of a new Chief Executive when required, taking into account the challenges and opportunities facing the Society and the skills and expertise needed and making recommendations to Council.

Supporting the effectiveness of Committees by considering arrangements for induction and appraisal, the optimum size of committees and terms of membership.

Reviewing the governance framework and key policies for approval by Council as required and considering any required changes to standing orders, laws and the schedule of delegation related to the Committee’s area of responsibility.

Considering any other business as may be brought to it from time to time by the Directors Group, or as requested by Council.

Committee Membership