The RSE Medals Committee makes recommendations on nominations received for all medals issued by the RSE, including the Royal Medal. Senior and early career medals are available in the following areas:

Life sciences

Physical, engineering and informatic sciences (including mathematics)

Arts, humanities, and social sciences

Business, public service, and public engagement

in the earth and environmental sciences

It also considers the nominations for the Teamwork and President’s medal.

LASTEST MEDAL recipients

Operational Process

  • Meeting frequency: annually, normally in January/February, to consider nominations received and decide medal winners to be recommended to RSE Council for approval in February/March.
  • Activities outwith meetings: normally none.
  • Committee quorum: 4 members.
  • Delegated budgetary responsibility: none.
  • Reports to: RSE Council.

Medals Committee Membership

Professor Anne Anderson
RSE Vice President, Research
RSE President
RSE Fellowship Secretary
Sector B Convenor
RSE Vice President, Public Engagement
Sector D Convenor
Sector C Convenor
Professor Neil Vargesson
Member of the RSE Public Engagement Committee