The RSE Public Engagement Committee advises on developing and delivering all RSE public engagement activity. Meetings are chaired by the Vice President for Public Engagement and Young People’s Programme Convenor. The membership comprises Fellows and Young Academy of Scotland members with expertise in public engagement across a wide range of disciplines.

committee purpose

To advise on the development and delivery of all RSE public engagement activity. Within that overall purpose, the committee’s tasks are to:

Consider and advise on all RSE public engagement activities to ensure they complement each other and align with the RSE’s strategic plan and public engagement strategy

Consider and advise on identifying and targeting the diverse audiences to be served by the RSE’s public engagement activities

Consider and advise on the relationship between public engagement activities and other RSE activities, such as policy engagement

Support the development and effective delivery of a rolling programme of public engagement activities through advising on approaches and suggesting potential contributors and partners

Monitor and advise as required on any changes to ensure the successful delivery of the programme

Consider and decide the recipient(s) of RSE public engagement prizes.

The committee will be guided by the Programme Committee on resources, priorities, strategic fit and links with other work.

Operational Process

  • Meeting frequency: Normally meets on a quarterly basis.
  • Committee quorum: Four members, including the Convener or a Member of Council.
  • Reports to: RSE Council. Convener is responsible for signing off submissions and external engagement by the Committee.  RSE General Secretary is responsible for signing off Committee responses on behalf of the Society.
  • Budgetary responsibility: To remain within the budget as set by Council. If projects or initiatives arise which would go beyond this, a case must be presented to the Council or appropriate Office Bearer with delegated powers for approval.

Group activities

The Public Engagement Committee play a key role in the RSE programme of events and the Young People’s programme.

22 March 2024
What are the present opportunities and challenges facing and shaping the Scottish Islands? Explore the unique position, brilliant stories, and present realities of life in Scottish island communities.
03 April 2024
An evening of exploration of the central role that space plays in our everyday lives.
11 April 2024
Crafting change: understanding the radical threads of women’s creative industries at Glasgow Women’s Library.
17 April 2024
Navigating challenges and charting futures in Scotland’s libraries.
24 April 2024
A joint event with the Scottish Government looking at how evidence is used in the third sector to inform policy and practice development.
30 April 2024
Darren McGarvey leads an evening of exploration of trauma, lived experience and the stories we tell ourselves about our wounds.
30 April 2024
Globalization speeds up the loss of diverse ecosystems and cultures, but an exciting biosemiotic approach offers hope by studying patterns, promoting resistance, and exploring alternative paths.
07 May 2024
By 2050, the world must feed two billion more people. So how will we achieve this in our changing times and do we need to rethink?
11 May 2024
Join us at V&A Dundee to explore Scotland’s design heritage and discover the human stories woven into the Scottish design landscape.
15 May 2024
Join American philosopher, theologian, activist, and public intellectual Professor Cornel West for the RSE’s annual Gifford seminar.


Young Academy of Scotland member
RSE Young People’s Programme Convener
Young Academy of Scotland member
RSE Vice President; Public Engagement
Young Academy of Scotland member
RSE Vice President; International
RSE Chief Executive
RSE Public Engagement Manager (Secretariat)

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