The RSE Public Engagement Advisory Group (PEG) was set up in 2019 through the merging of the Meetings Committee and the Young People’s Committee on a pilot basis. PEG is chaired by the Programme and Young People Committee Chairs and the membership comprises of Fellows and Young Academy of Scotland members who have expertise in public engagement across a wide range of disciplines.

Group purpose

The purpose of the Group is to advise on the development and delivery of all RSE public engagement activities. The Group’s remit includes:

Ensuring our public engagement activities complement each other and align with our Strategic Framework and Public Engagement Strategy.

Identifying and targeting diverse audiences to be served by our public engagement activities.

Considering any links between public engagement activities and other RSE activities, such as policy engagement.

Supporting the development and delivery of a rolling programme of public engagement activities through advising on approaches and suggesting potential contributors and partners.

Monitoring and advising on any changes that will ensure the successful delivery of our public engagement programme.

Considering and deciding the recipient(s) of RSE public engagement prizes.

Delegating advisory responsibilities to Working Groups where this best serves the successful delivery of an activity.

Group activities

PEG play a key role in the RSE programme of events, our Young People’s programme and actively contribute to our Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission

23 May 2022
Listen to established and earlier career researchers debate and give their views. And have YOUR say as to how rural can shine a light on the possibilities and opportunities for addressing the “grand challenges” and “wicked problems” of our and future generations.
11 May 2022
Gifford Seminar in association with Professor Susan Neiman’s Gifford Lectureship Series at the University of Edinburgh entitled ‘Heroism for a Time of Victims’.
02 March 2022
The RSE’s early years conference will focus on placing the needs of children, their being and belonging, at the heart of early learning.
12 April 2022
Community activists, RSE Fellows, and local policymakers share their reflections on community action against climate change.
26 October 2020
An in-depth discussion to raise awareness of Scotland’s refugee and displaced migrant communities, and the impact of COVID-19
10 September 2019
In 2016 the RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) launched its At Risk Academic Refugees (ARAR) initiative to recognise young
02 December 2021
What currency might be used in an independent Scotland?
13 April 2022
A lecture by 2021 Chemistry Nobel laureate David MacMillan CorrFRSE on the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.
24 February 2022
This panel will address what we mean by wellbeing for babies and toddlers. 
22 February 2022
This panel event will look at the effects of climate change in Scotland with a view to providing possible solutions to tackle them in future.


Young People’s Programme Convener
Vice President; International
RSE, Interim Chief Executive Officer
RSE, Director of Programmes
RSE, Public Engagement Manager

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