Committee Conveners

The Operations Officer is responsible for administering the election of Trustees and Office-Bearers, Council members, Young People’s Convener, Curator, Audit and Risk Convenor and Foundation Chair.

Committee Members

  • Council is responsible for appointing members of committees. Council is advised by the committees themselves and the Diversity and Skills Panel and draws on the knowledge of committee secretariats.
  • Committee secretariats are responsible for ensuring that records of committee membership are accurate.
  • Committee secretaries should refer to the Committee Directory for the most up-to-date version of committee remits as agreed by Council.


  • This process can be used for standing committees, section committees and one-off, short-life committees.
  • The Operations Officer can provide guidance on the process.
  • Secretariat, in discussion with Convener, to finalise the Expression of Interest Form.
  • Secretariat to agree with the Convener if a CV is required.
  • Secretariat, in discussion with Convener, to finalise the Skills Audit Form.
  • It is generally recommended that calls for committee members are open to all Fellows, unless there is a reason to restrict this to a sub-section of the Fellowship (e.g. discipline-specific committees)
  • It may also be appropriate to make direct approaches to individual Fellows with particular expertise, but they should be advised that they will be required to complete the agreed paperwork, and will be considered alongside any other expressions of interest.
  • There is no set timescale, but care should be given to allow sufficient time for Fellows to complete the required paperwork, and for the selection process to be undertaken.
  • Committee terms will normally be of four years. There will be an annual round of committee appointments following the Council elections. Council may also agree to appoint committee members during the year where that is appropriate.
  • Secretariat, in discussion with Convener, to agree the selection process. For Committee members it is normally not necessary to hold interviews. Committees will recommend candidates to Council for appointment, but Council is not bound by these recommendations.
  • Secretariat responsible for updating Civi to reflect these decisions
  • Secretariat responsible for providing new members with any appropriate induction materials
  • Membership of all committees should be posted on the RSE website.
  • The President and General Secretary may attend the meetings of any committee.
  • Any Office-Bearer may attend a meeting of any committee by invitation of the respective committee convenor.