The RSE Council is responsible for the governance of the Society and for overseeing the work of the Executive Committee and Standing Committees, to which it delegates specific responsibilities.

Our committees and standing groups bring together a range of expert and practitioner perspectives to inform and influence policy development in critical areas, including education and the economy and enterprise.

The RSE Scotland Foundation is a charitable body connected to the RSE that publishes Academic Journals on our behalf and manages our prestigious Events Venue.

RSE Council

The RSE Council consists of Fellows who are appointed annually by their peers through a competitive election process. It is responsible for setting the Society’s overall governance, policy and strategies, including producing the Society’s Strategic Framework. It has responsibility for approving the annual budget and operational plan, approving the Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts, and stewardship of the investments and other assets of the Society. Council is ultimately responsible for all Fellowship matters, including approval of all new Fellows recommended for election


Vice Presidents

Vice President; Physical Sciences
Vice President; Business
Vice President; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Vice President; Life Sciences
Vice President; International

Council members

General Secretary
Fellowship Secretary
Ordinary member
Ordinary member
Ordinary member
Ordinary member
Ordinary member

Office Bearers

Young People's Programme Convener
Programme Convener
Research Awards Convener
Education Committee Convener