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Key behaviours and skills

These are the key behaviours and skills we expect of our staff. They are not an exhaustive list of all that is needed to efficiently and effectively do your job, but they are the key ingredients that will enable you to do so and which will help us be a successful organisation.

We expect our people managers to:

Manage individual and team(s) performance

Have clear and regular communications with the team(s)

Hold regular one-to-one meetings with individuals

Work effectively across team boundaries

Provide their team(s) with advice and information on business related matters, e.g. finances, plans etc

Demonstrate and provide leadership

Support staff development

Support staff wellbeing

Motivate their team(s)

Manage conflicts within their team(s)

Foster and maintain a culture of trust and empowerment with individuals and the team(s)

The behaviours we expect from all our staff are:

Operating professionally, objectively and with integrity

Approachable and supportive of colleagues and others

Reliable, delivering on the promise made or the task set

Respect and trust in colleagues and others

Sharing and communicating relevant information with colleagues and others

Listening and learning from colleagues and others

Constructively tackling difficult issues and circumstances

Positively promoting us and our work

Our delivery expectations of all our staff are:

Meeting deadlines set to the quality required

Ensuring every activity has a communications plan

Ensuring every activity has an outcome aligned with our strategy

Ensuring every activity has an impact gathering measure(s)

Applying our performance appraisal process so it’s intended outcomes are achieved

Understanding and contributing to our business /operational plans and how this connects with our strategic ambitions

Connecting & communicating effectively with colleagues & others

Achieving value for money with resources provided

Competence in using the IT software needed for the job

Equality and diversity

The RSE and its staff will:

  • Accept and treat everyone fairly
  • Respect and value differences
  • Promote and encourage diversity and equality of opportunity
  • Not harass, victimise, bully or discriminate against others
  • Not tolerate harassment, victimisation, bullying or discrimination
  • Report harassment, victimisation, bullying or discrimination if it happens
  • Address any harassment, victimisation, bullying, or discrimination reported

The RSE is an equal opportunities employer and, as well as complying with the Equality Act 2010, understands the benefits of a diverse workforce. It is committed to ensuring that all
staff have equality of opportunity and work in a fair and inclusive environment.

View our Equality and Diversity Policy