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As Scotland’s National Academy, we use the combined knowledge of our 1,800-strong Fellowship to provide independent expert advice to policymakers and inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.

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The RSE has revised its medals to better reflect the important and often overlooked input of women to the sciences, arts, and letters in Scotland
Helping Scotland emerge as positively as possible from Covid
Bringing together some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners in a thought-provoking summer events programme

Latest opinion pieces and analysis

Productivity really matters to us all; and is both misunderstood and under-discussed by many. Productivity is a key factor so
Whales and dolphins are among the most loved and recognisable creatures on the planet. While research into their behaviour is well-developed, there is still a lot to learn about their lives below the waves and how human actions impact their world.  
In response to the RSE report on the economic contribution of the third sector in Scotland, Dave Spencer on fostering a genuine partnership between the third sector and councils.
Rebecca Christie, Senior fellow at Bruegel argues that by leveraging its regional leadership, the UK can shift the post-Brexit landscape towards cooperation and collaboration.
Post-Brexit compliance: the regulatory rough ride. Peter Sellar sheds light on the evolving landscape of GB-EU alignment, highlighting challenges for businesses navigating dual regulatory markets.
David Gow on navigating the post-Brexit landscape as Scotland’s pursuit of EU regulatory alignment faces hurdles. While Brussels forges ahead with new standards, can Scotland keep pace? Gow shares insights from a workshop which sheds light on the challenges and the elusive quest for harmonization.